Nova Research & Engineering

About Nova

1KV HVPS EChuck 1KV HVPS Thunderbolt Thunderbolt MVC-380L Heli cockpit Flight Controls

Nova Research and Engineering, Inc. was established in 1980 to design, develop, and integrate leading edge electronic and electromechanical products. Nova is a Florida corporation targeting companies in need of assistance to develop new products using leading edge technologies.

The technical experience of the staff includes undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering, mathematics, chemistry and computer science, as well as Microsoft and CompTIA certified computer professionals. Combined with those formal credentials are several decades' experience in project management, product development, systems design and analysis, and technical field service.

Nova's past research and development endeavors on the behalf of our clients have produced the SkyScan lightning detector, the Spectrum Thunderbolt storm tracking device, and a line of high performance Multimode electrostatic chuck power supplies. Our RF capability includes traffic control RADARs and speed sensors.

Nova personnel can perform patent research and literature research as well as work with your patent attorney in filing for patents and copyrights.